Video tip: Snowball fight

Video tip: Snowball fight

Teaching tip

Watch the latest Klett Classroom Clip and look out this winter for ‘snowballs’ in the classroom! Don’t worry, there’s no melting ice involved - it’s an energizing vocabulary matching activity using … well, find out more …






And here’s another wintery way to tackle vocabulary:

Snowflakes (Level A1 and upwards, 10 mins+)

  • Each student draws two six-pointed snowflakes on a piece of paper (nice and big).
  • Ask students to think of six words. You could ask students to each use a different category of words: for example new vocabulary; prepositions or adjectives; lexical groups such as furniture, travel or weather; Christmas words.
  • On the first snowflake, he / she writes a word on each point of the star (6 words in total).
  • The second snowflake is left empty.
  • Ask each student to work with a partner.
  • Partner A describes the words on his / her first snowflake. Partner B guesses the words and writes the answers on the second snowflake on the paper.
  • Then Partner B describes the words on his / her first snowflake and Partner A completes the second snowflake.

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