Video tips - Klett Classroom Clips: Dictogloss

Video tips - Klett Classroom Clips: Dictogloss

Teaching tip

It’s not quite a dictation, but it is something like it! Find out more about dictogloss in the current Klett Classroom Clips, with Dagmar.

Dagmar explains how to use dictogloss in the classroom using an example text about time capsules from page 75 in Refresh Now B1. She explains how to use the activity in the classroom and how it can engage students in a text.






Don’t forget when you do a dictogloss to read out loud at a normal reading pace. If you read too slowly, it is just a dictation! It’s important that students don’t have time to write down every word.

Make sure you take a text that isn’t too difficult. Taking an example from a coursebook is a good idea.

You can write your own dictogloss of course. If you want to practise a particular point, you can write a text that includes the grammar you would like to revise. For example, if you want to revise present perfect with for and since, you could use this short text:

I’m an English teacher and I’ve lived in Berlin for 6 years. I’ve worked at this school since 2013. I’m married and my husband has lived in Berlin since he was a boy. I haven’t seen my brother for two years – he lives in Australia.


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