Vocabulary – word lists that help

Vocabulary – word lists that help

Teaching tip

Have you already looked at the new two online word lists for Network Now B1.1 and B1.2 - Word groups, Phrases to learn and Dictionary. Get your students to download them - learning vocabulary has never been easier!

The word lists for Network Now B1.1 and for Network Now B1.2 have been revised and improved to help your students find the words they need as quickly as possible. Learn more about them and then try out our ideas for extra activities below.

The first main section in each pdf is Word groups | Phrases to learn: words are presented chronologically beginning with Unit 1, Step 1 and ending with Unit 6 Step 3. The words and expressions are all shown under the relevant heading from the coursebook, for example Understanding a traffic report, Giving an opinion. Each word or phrase is of course translated. This organisation gives students easy access to the word families and phrases they need for each Step of the coursebook. If students want to listen to the spoken version of the words and phrases, there is a link to the audio. The link is clearly marked at the beginning of the pdf.

The second main section in each pdf is Dictionary where all the words and expressions from the coursebook are presented in alphabetical order. This section has the phonetic table at the beginning, followed by the words themselves. Each entry has a translation, its phonetic spelling, its relevant page in the coursebook and the coursebook section, e.g. Starter, Text, They say it differently and so on.

The section at the end of each pdf is labelled Dictionary skills where students can read example dictionary entries. There is also a short quiz to encourage dictionary use.

You can print out each pdf or keep it electronically. You can encourage your students to keep the pdf on their portable device, so they can check vocabulary at any time.

And why not use our ideas for extra activities below to work with and benefit from the Network Now B1.1 and Network Now B1.2 wordlists?

Ideas for extra activities

  • You could print out part of a page from Word groups | Phrases to learn, and blank out some of the English and/or German words and have a gap fill activity.
  • Or go back to the Unit from the previous week and ask one student to read out the German expressions and ask the others to provide the English translation.
  • Why not read out a word at random from the Dictionary and ask for suggestions for any words that are above or below it on the page.
  • Ask students how many words they know beginning with ch or str, then ask them to look at the entries in the Dictionary.

And why not try these other short dictionary activities with your students:

  • On the board write: make and give. Tell students to think of as many expressions as possible in three minutes using these two verbs. Give two examples: make a comment, give a hand. Check answers together in class. Then ask students to look up make and give in the dictionary. They should add other phrases to their lists.
  • On the board write vegetable and ask students to look up the word in the dictionary and write down how many syllables it has. (3)
  • Ask students to look up the German word Foto in the dictionary and ask why students should be careful when they write the English word. (photo; German F -> English ph)
  • Write the words bomb, lamb and thumb on the board. Ask students to look up these words. How are they pronounced? (The final b is silent.)
  • Ask students to look up the German word Schmuck and write down the BrE and AmE English translation. How are they different? (BrE jewellery, AmE jewelry).

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