Where do we go from here? - Take a break!

Where do we go from here? - Take a break!

Teaching tip

The typical situation at the end of a CEF level: Your class has successfully completed their course book. Half of the students are already eagerly looking forward to the next level. The others feel they need more practice and are worried they won’t be able to cope with the challenge.

You find yourself facing that critical question: Where do we go from here?


You don’t want to overextend the one set of students, nor under-challenge the other. And then there are the two new students who’d like to join your class after a year or two’s break, and you’re not quite sure what level they are.

Here’s a simple but effective solution: Take a break and spend a few weeks reviving, reviewing and refreshing students’ knowledge as a stepstone to next level.

Revive, review, refresh

Tasks and activities that revive, review and refresh draw explicitly but gently on the knowledge students have acquired in a previous course or lesson. Within this framework, and with your guidance and help as necessary, your students are given a unique opportunity to (re-)discover and apply what they know.

Here’s an activity from Let’s Enjoy English - A1 Review reviving, reviewing and refreshing adjectives:


Note that the words given in 1a may be new or students may have forgotten them, rather than the really obvious words that students will/should all know. This will give students a better opportunity to find words of their own in 1c, where students might come up with things like: hot, cold, new, old, young, sunny, interesting, friendly, clean, cheap, etc. The game in 1d could, of course be played as a team game in class.

Let’s Enjoy English A1 Review

Let’s Enjoy English A1 Review is a short, 4-unit compact course providing material for approximately twelve 90-minute lessons. It is intended for students who have completed an A1 course recently and for students returning to English after a break in learning. The course is ideal as a means of consolidation between levels and also in order to reactivate students’ knowledge.

Let’s Enjoy English A1 Review reviews  and consolidates the essential vocabulary, grammar and language of the A1 level. A unique feature of the course is the focus on tasks drawing on students’ previously gained knowledge, as shown in the example above.


Teacher’s Books

The Let’s Enjoy English Teacher’s Book is a comprehensive resource book for teachers and includes:

– a reduced-size version of the Student’s Book in which keys to tasks have been added and new vocabulary has been highlighted

– Teacher’s notes, additional activities and background information, which is placed in the margin directly adjacent to relevant task in the Student’s Book.

– a copymaster with an additional activity for each Step

In addition, teachers can make use of the teacher’s access to the Klett Augmented App to download pages with Keys and Audios onto electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. This service is free of charge:

Click here to find out more about Let’s Enjoy English.


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