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34 Immigration to Britain: past and present
35 Background to British Nationality Law
37 Bundesministerium des Innern: Zuwanderung
37 Moving Here Stories: Your story is history
37 Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland: Bevölkerung
38 "Das neue Zuwanderungsgesetz" (auf
38 Wikipedia on Neo Nazism
39 Commission for racial equality
39 Commonwealth Institute
39 Institute of race relations
39 "Make a Stand against Racism" (word document)
42 "Gifted, but black" (The Guardian on racial improvement in school performance)
43 Say NO to Racism
43 "Texte des Interkulturellen Rates in Deutschland zur Europäischen Jahr gegen Rassismus"
43 Förderverein Pro Asyl
43 Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte, here: discrimination
43 Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
43 Innenministerium des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, here: xenophobia
44 Stephen Lawrence: chronology of events
44 Newswise: The murder of Stephen Lawrence
44 Say NO to Racism
44 Anti-racist education pack
44 Statistics, "Table KS06 Ethnic group" for England and Wales
44 Scottish Executive Statistics: demographics
58 Germany TNS Infratest
60 Homeless people in Britain (n)
60 Disability: Facts and figures on "CRS Europe"
60 Disability: Facts and figures on "Contact a family"
60 National statistics: Percentage living alone, by age and sex
60 National statistics: Housing and consumer durables
60 Social Class and Higher Education: issues affecting decisions on participation by lower social class groups
60 The Gateways to the Professions Report (among others: acceptances to university)
68 What is Homelessness? Definitions and risk factors
68 Key Statistics about Homelessness
68, press release: Prevention is better than cure
69 Wikipedia on homelessness (n)
69 Homelessness in Germany, The visible form of true poverty by Andrea Bistrich
69 Homelessness in Germany on ""
69 Poor transitions: social exclusions and young adults
69 Youth unemployment in rural areas
69 Homeless at Christmas
72 Housing statistics 2005
72 Housing, disabled children and their families
74 The economic impact of ageing populations in the EU25 Member States
74 An introduction to social policy
76 Income of Registered Main Charities In England & Wales, March 2007
86 Typical boarding school characteristics
114 A brief history of Northampton
116 The Democratic Party (USA)
116 Grand Old Party, i.e. The Republican Party (USA)
136 Know Southern History: Celebrating the South's people, culture, history, and heritage

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