Resource Book - The Global Village

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22 Documenta Kassel
22 Le Monde Diplomatique - Deutsche Ausgabe
22 The Globalist
25 Victor Pelevin: "Babylon" (review) (n)
26 Transcript of "Global Challenges" (speech by Bill Clinton)
26 Significant Terrorist Incidents, 1961-2003
26 Terrorist Attacks (within the United States or against Americans Abroad)
26 Patterns of Global Terrorism (U.S. Dept. of Defense)
26 U.S. Figures Show Global Rise in Terrorism
27 "The Clash of Civilizations?" (preview)
27 Samuel Huntington: biography
27 "The Clash of Civilizations"
27 Samuel P. Huntington's "Clash of Civilisations"
27 The Clash of Civilizations - Chapter One
27 Causes of 9/11: A Clash of Civilizations?
28 CIA - The World Fact Book
28 World Civilizations (Washinton State University) (n)
28 Web of Culture
29 A Matter of Good Taste
29 Racism Is Like a Mountain
29 The Village of 100 People
30 Global Envision: Articles
30 U.S. Foreign Policy
30 Globalisation: East meeting West
30 Globalisation Guide
30 Globalisation: Threat or Opportunity (IMF)
30 Globalization (The World Bank Group)
30 International Forum on Globalization
30 Global Policy Forum
30 The Global Transformations Website
30 The Global Transformations Website: Globalization
30 The Global Transformations Website: Globalization after Sept. 11
30 Globalization for Whom? (Harvard Magazine)
30 a World Connected
30 UNO
30 The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
30 European Council
30 African Union
30 League of Arab States
30 Organization of American States
30 Organization of Islamic Conference
30 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees / The UN Refugee Agency
30 International Court of Justice
30 Care
30 Amnesty International
30 International Crisis Group
30 Human Rights Watch
30 Global Witness
30 International Resource Committee
32 World History
32 Timeline 2000 Sep-Oct.
32 2000 World History
33 America's World
33 The UK according to America
33 The World According to the United States of America
33 The World According to W
33 The World According to America
33 The World According to America
40 Altavista's Babelfish Translation Service
40 Online Translator PROMT
41 British Council: Diversity
41 European Inclusion Index - 1st edition (n)
41 Lehrer-Online: Englisch
41 "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy": Unterrichtseinheit bei
41 h2g2: "an unconventional guide to life, the universe and everything"
41 Douglas Adams Homepage
41 Projekt Ikonothek
41 Kulturelle Bildung im Medienzeitalter
41 "The Tower of Babel": background information
41 "The Tower of Babel": interpretation
44 The Human Languages Page (n)
44 Ethnologue: Languages of the World
44 Ethnologue: Languages of the World (alternative address)
44 Native Languages of the Americas (n)
44 Documentation of Endangered Languages
44 European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages (EBLUL)
44 Linguapax Institute
44 World English: Accents Around the World
44 fonetiks: online pronunciation guides
44 List of English programmes on shortwave radio
44 Live Radio News Broadcasts from Around the World
44 Radio-Locator: radio station search engine
44 listening to radio stations from around the world
44 RadioStations around the world
44 "Over 10,000 Radio and TV Stations on your desktop"
44 Radio Station World
44 Voice of America: programs and languages
44 EscapeArtist: Online News Television & Radio
45 WWlib - Notes on American English
45 Differences British English/American English: short word list
45 BrE/AmE: Grammatical differences (present perfect/simple past)
45 American and British English differences (
45 American vs British English: Basic Differences
49 World of Coca Cola
51 attac: the world is not for sale
51 Millennium Challenge Corporation
51 McKinsey Global Institute
51 Poverty Action Lab
53 The World Bank
53 International Monetary Fund
53 Halifax Initiative: Canadian coalition of development, environment, faith-based, human rights and labour groups
53 World Trade Organization
53 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
53 OECD: Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development
53 International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/ WTO)
53 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
53 Eldis Gateway to Development Information
53 Fair Trade
53 Fair Trade Federation
53 Oxfam Fair Trade
53 G8 2003 Evian Summit
53 G8 2004 Sea Island Summit
53 G8 2005 Gleneagles Summit
53 G8 2006 St Petersburg Summit
53 G8 2006 St Petersburg Summit - Official Website
53 G8 2007 Heiligendamm Summit
53 G8 2006 Heiligendamm Summit - Official Website
53 G8 Summit: Developing countries stand firm by Kyoto Protocol
53 Kyoto debate: Blair makes climate summit call
53 Kyoto debate: Blair and Bush say differences remain over global warming
57 United Nations Development Programme
57 PovcalNet (an interactive computational tool that allows you to monitor poverty)
57 International Movement: ATD Fourth World (on poverty)
57 International Development Research Centre
57 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
57 Archive of latest articles published in the Guardian, here by columnist Naomi Klein
57 On capitalism: The Shock Doctrine
57 Book review, Naomi Klein's "No Logo"
57 Naomi Klein, biography and recently published articles
58 "Consumer Alert!! Sweat Shops, Globalization and Investing"
58 Thomas R. DeGregori: "Child Labor or Child Prostitution"
58 M. Rama: "Globalization and Workers in Developing Countries" (2003) (n)
58 Fair trade coffee (n)
58 Transfair
58 Fair Trade Federation
58 Make Trade Fair
58 European Fair Trade Association
58 Fair Trade e.V.
58 American Free Trade Zone (FTAA, ALCA, ZLEA)
58 United Nations Development Programme
58 American Association of University Women
58 Child protection from violence, exploitation and abuse
58 Child Labor Coalition
58 Global March Against Child Labour
58 The History Place: Child Labor in America 1908 - 1912
58 International Labour Organization: programme on the elimination of child labour
58 Child Labor on
58 Child labor inquiry
62 On globalization/ antiglobalization
62 Anti-Globalization or Anti-Civilization?
62 The film "The Corporation"
63 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Guide to the Millennium Assessment Reports
63 Natural disasters (Wikipedia)
63 List of disasters (Wikipedia)
64 The New York Times: Science
65 Eco-poetry online
66 Darwin's Nightmare (award-winning documentary)
66 World Resource Institute
66 UN Development Programme: Energy and Environment
66 Environmental statistics
66 ENN: Environmental News Network
66 United Nations Environment Programme
66 World Wildlife Fund/ World Fund for Nature
66 OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)
66 International Energy Agency
66 World Water Council
66 Greenpeace
69 Practical Action Consulting (new name for Intermediate Technology Consultants, ITC)
70 Earthscan ("The Worlds's Leading Publisher on Environmentally Sustainable Development")
70 InfoNation, United Nations Cyber School Bus
70 UNFPA: population issues
70 The State of World Population 2001, charts and graphs
70 United Nations Population Information Network
70 Department of Economic and Social Affairs Population Division
70 Institute of Development Studies
70 The Center for Research on Population and Security
71 UNAIDS, a joint United Nations program on HIV/AIDS
72 National Geographic Xpeditions (geography standards in your classroom)
72 HIV and AIDS posters
72 Difäm: Gesundheit in der Einen Welt
72 World Health Organization
72 Medicine without Frontiers
72 Medico International
72 Treatment Action Campaign
72 UNAIDS, a joint United Nations program on HIV/AIDS, International Aids Conference in Barcelona
72 World Bank on Aids in Africa
72 AVERTing HIV and Aids
72 Teaching HIV/AIDS using multiple intelligences
72 UN Aids-Programm, AIDS in Africa
72 FAO Study on Aids in rural Africa
72 Aids in Africa: Death stalks a continent (
72 Sustainable Africa: water, energy, health, agriculture, biodiversity
77 Statistics Canada
77 Culture Canada
77 Intercultural Institute (Montreal)
77 Chinatown Toronto
77 Chinatown San Francisco
77 Chinatown San Francisco, historical aspects
77 Chinatown in Great Britain
77 Chinatown online: culture and customs
77 Fotosearch: commercial website with photos form Chinatowns
77 Leslie Lum, the author of "Old Age Gold"
77 On Leslie Lum (presented on a website of Bellevue Community College)
77 Contemporary postcolonial and postimperial literature in English
77 Postcolonial History
77 Postcolonial Literature Bibliography
77 Links to postcolonial websites
77 Association for the Study of the New Literatures in English
79 TeleGeography
80 Observatory on the Information Society
80 Africa'nti: observatory of the insertion and the impact of communication and information technologies in Africa
80 Association e-Développement (AEDV)
80 Official Microsoft homepage of Bill Gates, here: biography
80 Official Microsoft homepage of Bill Gates
80 Bill Gates on Wikipedia
80 "Unofficial" Bill Gates homepage
80 "Ultimate" Bill Gates homepage
81 The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction
81 David Lodge on
81 The globalization of tourism
82 World tourism organization
82 The International Centre for Responsible Tourism
82 The International Ecotourism Society
86 Official website India
86 Official website Pakistan
86 Official website Sri Lanka
86 Indian Magazine Frontline
86 Indian Newsletter
86 Information on Sutcliffe's "Are you experienced?"
86 William Sutcliffe on Wikipedia
86 Useful reviews on Sutcliffe
86 Review of Sutcliffe's "Are you experienced?"
86 Review of Sutcliffe's "Are you experienced?" (taken from an English Leistungskurs)
90 Rolf Pott on Pico Iyer
90 Wikipedia on Pico Iyer
91 Robin Cook's chicken tikka masala speech
91 Marilee's International Food Links
91 BBC on school meals
91 Mimi's cyber kitchen
91 Supermarket Guru: on why young consumers favour ethnic food
91 Poem on peanut butter and jelly sandwich
91 Wikipedia on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich
91 How to make different kinds of flour tortillas
91 How to make flour tortillas, a simple recipe (n)
91 Recipe for fat-free spring roles
91 Fish and chips - A great British tradition
91 Wikipedia on "fish and chips"
91 History of Vegemite
91 Vegemite ? Concentrated Yeast Extract Par Aussielence !
91 The Foreigner's Guide to Vegemite
94 Pulp Fiction: unauthorized script
95 British Heart Foundation on unhealthy food (n)
95 U.S. Food and Drug Administration
95 United States Department of Agriculture (providing interesting facts and figures)
95 Finding your way to a healthier you: based on the dietary guidelines for Americans
95 Legends of food (US perspective)
95 The American fast food (the hamburger): a cultural lesson
95 "How to avoid the hamburger disease"
95 Ask the Meatman: 101 hamburger recipes
95 History of the hamburger
95 Fast Food World: the hamburger comes of age
95 Food facts, food information, and tips: pizza
95 Pizza recipes from Times
98 Website on intercultural competence: "Interkulturelles Portal"
98 Berlitz Cross Cultural
98 Cornelius Grove & Associates, LLC
98 George Simmons International (n)
98 Jacaranda: making management work worldwide
98 Windhamworld: Global relocation services
98 CICB: benefit from intercultural competence
98 Tasmanian department of Education: Languages other than English
98 Using Critical Incidents to Teach Cross-cultural Sensitivity
98 International Express Intermediate Student's Book: Unit 11, Critical indicents
98 "What Happened and Why?? Learning from Critical Incidents!!"
101 "Typisch deutsch?" (Goethe institute)
101 Peace education: developing empathy
101 Stereotypes and prejudices
104 Wikipedia on Polly Toynbee
104 Bloomsbury author information on Polly Toynbee
104 Archive of latest articles published in the Guardian, here by columnist Polly Toynbee
114 Immigration applications outside of Canada
114 Canada: National Occupation List (n)
114 Canada: Strategic Immigration Services
114 Citizenship and Immigration Canada
114 Canada: A newcomer's introduction to Canada
114 Canada: For newcomers, what you should know
114 Canada: citizenship application
114 Canada: a look at Canada (citizenship test, questions)
114 Canada: How to host a citizenship ceremony
115 Canada: The oath of citizenship
115 Canada: immigration
115 Canada: becoming a Canadian citizen
115 Mapleleafweb: citizenship and immigration Canada
115 How to become a Canadian citizen
115 Multiculturalism (on Wikipedia)
115 Canada: multicultural policy
115 Canada: publications on immigration
115 Canada Pension Plan (CPP), payment rates
115 Canada Old Age Security (OAS) Program

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