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11 Media Awareness Network: You Be the Editor
33 Andrew Ure: The Philosophy of the Manufacturers, 1835
33 Industrialism: Progress or Decline? - Resources (n)
33 Children's Employment
36 History of the automobile (Wikipedia)
36 "Katrina's real name" (Boston Globe)
38 Kyoto Protocol (Wikipedia)
41 James Lovelock (Wikipedia)
41 Famous Americans Predict The Future
63 Third-wave feminism (Peace X Peace magazine) (n)
70 Mumsnet - By Parents For Parents
73 IMDB (International Movie Database)
73 Subculture (Wikipedia)
73 Britpop (Wikipedia)
73 Sitcom (Wikipedia)
73 "Men Behaving Badly" (Wikipedia)
80 La base de données terminologiques
98 Without Prejudice? Exploring ethnic differences in London
98 The census in England and Wales (use 'Search' field)
98 Tower Hamlets - Portrait of the Borough [n - task 2]
98 "Support artistic truth, Prince Charles ..." (Shiv Malik in the Guardian) [n - task 2]
98 Queen Elizabeth I
98 The British Empire
98 Ascot
98 RHS Chelsea Flower Show
98 Margaret Thatcher Foundation
98 BBC Historic Figures: Margaret Thatcher
98 BBC Q & A: The Scarman Report
98 1981: Brixton riots report blames racial tension
101 The British Library
103 History UK: Kings and Queens of England and Britain
103 Human Sacrifice in Legends and Myths: London Bridge
105 Fake London Underground Poem
106 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
106 Greenpeace UK
108 Francesco Petrarch and Laura de Noves
108 Dorothy Wordsworth's diary entry (on p. 14 of this PDF file) (n)
111 Report of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain
111 Equality and Human Rights Commission (n)
111 Maps of London's ethnic groups (Guardian special report, 2005) (n)
111 "Brick Lane protests force film company to beat retreat" (Guardian review by Paul Lewis)
120 Ireland-specific search engine
123 Altavista
123 Yahoo
123 Ezilon Search (n)
127 The Bloody Sunday Inquiry
138 The Sikhism Home Page
140 Urban Dictionary ("a slang dictionary with your definitions")
145 Jim Crow Era
145 Minstrel Show (Wikipedia)
145 Secretary of State (official web site)
146 Jim Crow First Hand Narratives
147 Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America
163 Trenchtown Reading Centre
177 Australian Schools on the Internet
183 "Curry Leaf Heaven" by Kurma Dasa
183 Curry (Wikipedia)
183 Definition and History of Curry (The Curry House)
193 Shop with Barbie
193 Barbie links
193 Barbie Collector
199 Fathers of Confederation
208 British Columbia Home Page
213 "America the 'super-duper' power" (Telegraph, 2003)
213 "Britain's 'special relationship' just a myth" (Telegraph, 2006)
218 Margaret Bourke-White
222 American Rhetoric
222 Michael Dukakis: Nomination Acceptance Speech (1988)
222 George W. Bush on homeownership (2002) (n)
229 Internet Movie Database
231 U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Germany
235 The Library of Congress: Government Resources (n)
235 Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
235 Wahlrecht (Wikipedia/deutsch)
235 Homepage der deutschen Bundesregierung
235 German Bundestag
242 Studiengebühren in Deutschland
245 30-year Anniversary: Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War
245 Johns Hopkins University
245 Global Deployments of US Forces
248 "New York, New York" (song lyrics)
249 "Rotten Apple" (song lyrics)
251 Metropolitan Transportation Authority
251 State and County QuickFacts on New York (U.S. Census Bureau)
251 Department of Sanitation New York City
251 City of New York Police Department
255 The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation
255 How the Other Half Lives by Jacob A. Riis
255 Photographs by Jacob Riis
258 Central Park Conservancy
258 Coalition for the Homeless
259 Selection of 9/11 Poetry by Mary Gonzalez
261 Memorials for victims of 9-11-01 attack: World Trade Center
261 World Trade Center Memorial Tribute Site
261 Memorials for the victims of 09-11-01: Poetry
261 Freedom Tower: Construction Project Updates
261 "The WTC Conspiracy" (Links zu deutschen Artikeln)
268 The National Park Service: Statue of Liberty
268 Statue of Liberty: Facts, News and Information (n)
268 Women of Valour: Emma Lazarus
268 Portsmouth's Bad Boy Tom: Thomas Bailey Aldrich
268 Great Cartoonists: Joseph Keppler
270 Madison Grant and the Racialist Movement
270 Madison Grant: The Passing of the Great Race (n)
276 English for the Children
277 U.S. Census 2000
278 Stuart Waters, "A Future Without Shakespeare"

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