Teaching tip

Here are five fun activities which are all based on the number five.

1 The number 5 quiz
Read out these questions all connected to the number five.
a. What is the Roman numeral for five?
b. Name the five senses.
c. What is 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5?
d. What is the name of the British Security Service?
e. Who created the perfume Number 5?


a. V
b. sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste
c. 3125
d. MI5
e. Chanel

2 Five categories
Think of five categories, for example furniture, country, colour, fruit and number.
Give students one minute to think of a word for each category with five letters. Example: chair, Japan, green, apple, Rhine.
(You can also play this game with words of a different number of letters.)

3  Five people
Ask students to write down the names of five people they have spoken to recently (either in person or on the phone). In pairs, each student should tell his or her partner about the five people. (You could also ask them to write down five foods they have eaten this week.)

4 A five-minute story.
In pairs, ask students to write down the name of a famous person, a location, something they could find in their pocket, an adjective and an animal. For example, George Clooney, Houses of Parliament, a key, blue, a cat. Now tell students they have five minutes to write a story using all of the words. Ask students to read out their stories to the rest of the class.


5 How many words?
On the board write pentagon and explain that this is a five-figured shape. Tell students they have one minute to find as many words of three letters or more from the letters in the word pentagon. Example: age, agent, ant, gap, gate, get, goat, got, neat, net, none, not, note, open, page, pea, peg, pen, pet, poet, pot, tan, tango, ten, tone, top.

If you would like to discover another fun activity using the number five, then watch Klett Classroom Clip: Five words.


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