'A1' Globetrotter

'A1' Globetrotter

Teaching tip

'Network Now A1' has an exciting optional addition to help your students prepare for travelling and working in English. 


You have three possibilities to practise the vocabulary and functions around working and travelling in English with your students in the 'Network Now A1' book: At the end of Units 2, 4 and 6 you'll find two optional pages called Globetrotter A, B and C.

With each Globetrotter, one page is based on the language of work and one page on the language of travel. The structures, vocabulary and functions from previous units are re-introduced and students are given the opportunity to practise them in the realistic contexts of holidays and jobs.

The Globetrotter pages offer you some flexibility in the organisation of your course:
You can use them as extra lessons if you have more than 24 lessons. Each of these pages provides forty-five minutes of classroom material and a further forty-five minutes of activities are available on the Internet (the code to these activities is given underneath the title on each page).

As the Globetrotters are optional extra pages, make sure you know if you have any time and how much to fit them in. As these pages use the language from previous units, they can be done either where they come in the book or later. The same characters appear in all of the Globetrotters, creating a sense of continuity for your learners.

  • If your course does have enough hours to be able to cover all or most of the Globetrotter pages in addition to the other classroom material, why not do one of them after each unit from Unit 2 (i.e. Globetrotter A Work after Unit 2, Globetrotter A Travel after Unit 3, Globetrotter B Work after Unit 4 etc.)?
  • If you don't manage to cover all of the Globetrotters, ask your class, for example, after Unit 4 if they want to do Globetrotter A or B.
  • If your course doesn't have very many extra hours, why not pick and choose what would be best suited to your students' needs and interests? Depending on the interests of your class, you may want to focus on just the Work pages or on just the Travel pages. You can also focus on specific skills. The various skills are covered, so if you feel your students need more writing practice, for example, you could get them to exercise 1b on page 84 after they've finished Unit 4. Most of the pages have listening and speaking exercises which can be integrated into your lessons, for example exercise 1a on page 121 or exercise 3b on page 45.



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