Best of NTC: Christmas

Best of NTC: Christmas

Teaching tip

Christmas comes but once a year, and when it comes, it brings good cheer.

We have a jolly sackful of Christmas and winter activities for you and your students to round off the year in the best of festive spirits.


Why not take a look at the wonderful wintery activities in the various pdfs we’ve offered in the last few years. You’ll find all sorts for learners at beginner and A1 level in Christmas activities (A1 Starter / A1 level): songs, quizzes, speaking activities, pronunciation games and writing Christmas cards. For more confident students why not take a peek at more Christmas activities (A1 / A2 level), where there’s a great range of seasonal activities like: Presents for the famous, Bingo!, Jumbled ingredients (which will make everybody’s mouth water), Winter activities - guessing winter pursuits using the present progressive and a Jingle Bells group dictation.

The Christmas activity file has been compiled by teachers; so you can be sure it includes their personal favourites that are used each year in the classroom. These include pass the parcel; a personalised speaking activity using Christmas vocabulary; talking about a fantasy Christmas dinner: the guests, the food, the conversation topics; discussing an ideal Christmas (I’d like to spend my Christmas in …); agreeing on ideal presents for friends and family and an anagram game of Christmas vocabulary.

To get to all of these different activities click on the buttons on the left below. All of the activities have Teacher’s notes and timings and in some cases tips on how to extend the activity or adapt it for use at different learner levels.

Wherever you look you’re sure to find something for everyone. And as well as all that, we’d like to give you one more seasonal activity - Christmas is a time for giving after all … Please click on the right button below.















New activity


Christmas Song: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer  

  • If you have an audio of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, then play it in the class first.
  • Make a copy of the text of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (lyrics by Johnny Marks), one for each pair of students and cut up as shown below. (Keep one copy as the key for yourself.)
  • Give each pair of students a cut-up version (11 snippets of paper - see below.)
  • Tell students to recreate the song, by putting the pieces of paper in the right order.
  • Encourage students to sing the song while they work!
  • Check answers together in class and then have a classroom sing along!


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