Best of NTC: Quirky spring customs

Best of NTC: Quirky spring customs

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There’s always something unusual going on in spring in the UK – have a look at these quirky spring customs …


Click on the left button below and you can find out about cheese-rolling at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire – it has actually been banned by local council health and safety officials, but that has not stopped it taking place. And for those of you who would like your cheese-rolling to be slightly less dangerous, then the town of Stilton in Cambridgeshire has a less vertiginous route for competitors. You’ll find the links to both websites on the pdf - just click on the left button below. If cheese-rolling does not interest you, why not find out more about bottle-kicking in the village of Hallaton in Leicestershire. It is just as wild as it sounds!

And for just as much entertainment value but somewhat less hectic, read up about two scarecrow festivals in England – one in Wray in Lancashire and the other in Urchfont in Wiltshire. You’ll also find some accompanying activities from A2.1 level upwards. Again, just click on the left button below.

And if you would like a new spring activity, then click on the right button below.

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New activity



Spring clean! (level A1 upwards, 10 minutes)


  • Make one copy of Spring clean! for each pair of students and cut up as indicated.

In the lesson:

  • On the board write spring cleaning. Ask students if they like to do spring cleaning. Ask for some examples. (I wash the pillows.; I hoover under the bed.)
  • Give one set of Spring clean! words (see below) to each pair of students and tell them to make as many sentences as possible from the words. For example I always wash the carpets.; I don’t polish the shower.
  • Help with any unknown vocabulary. Students can add new ideas if they like.

Spring clean!

clean the carpets
sweep the furniture
wash the oven
hoover the wardrobe
dry clean the shower
change the balcony
paint the fridge
dust the cupboards
shake the curtains
defrost the cushions
polish the freezer



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