Coping strategies

Coping strategies

Teaching tip

The last of our new features for A2.1 is the 'Coping Strategies', which give you tips and tricks for surviving in an English-speaking context.

What do you do if you don't understand what someone says? Or you have to fill out a complicated form and you're not exactly sure of what they want? How can you show your English conversation partner that you're interested in what he / she is saying? How do you check you've understood? What can you say if you need something and don't know the word for it? And how on earth do you interrupt politely in English?

These are all questions which anyone spending time in a foreign country asks him- / herself. Well, we've decided to give your students some very helpful, functional language to make sure they are equipped to deal with those survival problems when having to converse in English. You'll find them in Network Now A2.1 in Step 3 of each unit, which focusses on Everyday English, in a little box labelled Strategies.

Students are given some useful phrases for everyday situations and can also listen to them.
You might like to type the useful phrases from the Strategies boxes on pieces of card, missing out one word in each phrase. Ask students to fill in the gaps and then to write any new phrases or ones they'd like to learn in their notebooks. Remind students to use the phrases from the Strategiesboxes when they do any pair or group work activities in the coursebook.
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