'Network Now Starter' - Now you

'Network Now Starter' - Now you

Teaching tip

Your students and their needs are placed right at the centre of 'Network Now Starter'. Lots of elements in the book give them the opportunity to talk about themselves and to learn and practice vocabulary which is especially relevant for their lives. Read on to find out about two of these elements: 'Now you' and the 'Round up'.

The Now you activities can be found in each Step of every Unit and are highlighted in the Unit colour. The idea behind Now you is to give your students the opportunity to make what they are learning relevant to them. They might be encouraged to tell or ask others about their families, possessions or interests, i.e. what's important to them personally, using the vocabulary, phrases and grammar which they are learning at that stage in the Step.


Each Step ends with a Round up, where students can not only put into practice everything they have learnt in the Step but - again - apply it to their own situation.

It is so important to give students the chance to talk about themselves even at beginners' level and to show them that they can apply the language which they have learnt to their own lives.

'Personalisation' - one important key feature of Network Now - puts the focus on the students and allows them to use language to talk about themselves. This way, communication becomes more important than worrying about getting everything perfectly right.

To make the most of the Now you and Round up elements, it is important to give enough time to them in the lesson. Set them up by giving examples about yourself and from your own life.

Encourage your students to ask questions if the vocabulary which they have learnt and which they are practising does not exactly cover their needs. You might like to draw their attention to the Phrases to learn from each Step which they can find in special boxes on pages 146-161.

They also have the possibility to record vocabulary relevant to themselves at the end of each Now me page of each Unit.

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