Now I can and Test yourself

Now I can and Test yourself

Teaching tip

We all know how much our learners like to receive recognition for their work, how important it is for them to feel that they are learning successfully and can apply new language in different situations. 'Network Now Starter' has three full pages at the end of each Unit to show them and let them test what they can already do: 'Now I can' and 'Test yourself'.

 A new feature of the Network Now series is the section after the three main Steps of each Unit entitled Now I can. The activities on these two pages are based on the Can do statements of the Common European Framework, which are mentioned on the photo page of each Unit.

It's a good idea to spend some time at the beginning of the course explaining the symbols on the Now I can pages. The Now I can activities will not only show your students that the language they have learnt is useful for everyday life in English but will also increase their confidence as they see that they can use the language from the lessons in new situations.

The Now I can pages are designed to be used in class as the last step of each Unit. They can be done in 90 minutes and are offered three times in each semester. How about setting the activities up as a competition, with your students working in small groups against each other?

Remember: the aim of Now I can is to give your learners confidence and show them how they can use the language they have learnt so far, also in new situations.

Right at the end of each Unit is a page which allows the students to check their progress independently: the Test yourself page. Learners work on their own and can check their answers in the key at the back of the book. You might like to do some of the exercises from the first Test yourself in class - once the format is familiar to the students, they will be eager to do it by themselves at home. You can, of course, use the Test yourself page as a 'test' to motivate your students in class.

Every so often, remind your students about the Test yourself pages. They don't have to do each one at the end of each Unit, in fact they might like to look at them again at a later date to refresh their memories.

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