Role plays: Keep on learning

Role plays: Keep on learning

Teaching tip

Here are six fun and effective ways for your students to keep on learning over the summer holidays:



  1. Join your local library! There are so many wonderful English language resources: DVDs, magazines and books. And if you borrow something you don’t like, you can easily take it back and exchange it for something else at no extra cost. Try English-language DVDs with German subtitles or a book of short stories adapted for learners.
  2. Meet up. Try to organize a meet up of your classmates in a local café to speak English – even if you only manage half an hour, it’s thirty minutes more English practice than if you hadn’t met.
  3. Go on holiday. Even if you don’t go to an English-speaking country you will certainly find some English native speakers wherever you go. Start some small talk. If you live in a city or town that has tourists, take advantage of the English native speakers amongst them.
  4. Watch the BBC news. You should be able to get the gist of the news. Watch the German news first, so you have an idea what is being discussed and use the pictures and video to help you to understand the BBC news stories.
  5. Write your shopping list in English; change the settings on your mobile phone to English; notice how much English is around you every day – on public transport, in the shops and in public buildings.
  6. Learn something about your hobbies: yoga, flowers, birds, knitting, parts of a car, football terminology, photography, model trains. You could even try to find an English-language website to help you learn some more vocabulary.
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