Special Day file

Special Day file

Teaching tip

What a lot of celebrations we have at this time of year - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day. How do you celebrate these special days in class? And where do you find your materials?

I'm sure you were well-prepared with your Christmas lessons, thanks to our Network teachers who contributed to our Christmas top ten activities in the December issue of the Network Teachers' Club.


But to spare yourself from the "I don't have anything for xxx." (November 5th, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, etc.), make a Special Day file - not on your computer because you quite often find useful texts and games in magazines. You can print out things you find on the Internet and, of course, file the downloadable activities from the Network Teachers' Club - like the St. Patrick activity for this month.

Make a file with copies of your seasonal lessons in chronological order and add to it throughout the year so that you always have a lesson or two handy for those special days.


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