Video tip: A pack of cards – offline and online

Video tip: A pack of cards – offline and online

Teaching tip

Using an ordinary pack of cards in the classroom can add some fun to teaching. From dividing people up into groups to practising tenses, see how you can use a pack of playing cards in your teaching.




How can we adapt Lynda’s activities for online teaching?


Add up
Take a pack of cards and remove the picture cards (king, queen and jack). Hold one card (e.g. 4 of clubs) up to the camera and then a second card (e.g. 6 of spades). Ask the students to tell you the total = 10. You could also add three cards together. And then try some multiplication! You could also ask students to use their own pack of cards – ask two students to hold a card to their camera and then ask one of them to add the two numbers together.

On the whiteboard shared screen write up the ten verbs 1= have, 2 = write and so on that Lynda uses in her video. Ask students to copy the list. (Or if you don’t want to use the whiteboard, you could dictate the list to students.) Decide on the tense you would like to practise: present perfect, present simple, going to future. Pick a card from your pile (a number card from 1 to 10) if other students have cards available ask them to pick a card: show the card on the camera and ask the chosen student to make a sentence using the appropriate verb.

Conversations in groups
Tell students they are going into small groups in breakout rooms – the hearts, the clubs, the diamonds and the spades. Each group will think of three questions on a particular topic - the hearts write questions about friends, diamonds write questions about holidays, clubs write questions about free time activities and spades write questions abut memorable events. Close the small breakout rooms and bring everyone back to the meeting. Ask someone from the hearts group to ask a question to the clubs group. (Make a note of which student is in which group and who has asked a question.) If you don’t have breakout rooms on your online conferencing tool, then allocate people to groups and ask them to communicate through the chat function.

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