Video tip: Jigsaw reading

Video tip: Jigsaw reading

Teaching tip

Watch Dagmar explaining how to use jigsaw activities using texts from your course book. These activities are excellent to use because they practice the four skills – reading, speaking, listening and writing.



Tip: Why not try some of the ideas below.


Jigsaw partner finding

You can use the jigsaw method to make threes for a group exercise. Write sentences and cut them in three parts. Distribute the slips of paper and tell students to find the other parts of their sentence and complete their jigsaw. When students have found their groups ask them to read their sentence to the class.

Yesterday I    

went to the cinema

and saw a good film.

Tomorrow I’m going

to meet my brother

and his wife.

They have never

been to New York

or San Francisco.

She always wears

black trousers

and a white blouse.

Would you

like ice cream

and fruit salad?




Do a real jigsaw!

Take three or four different, simple pictures and cut them into three or four pieces depending on the number of students in the class. Distribute the pieces. Each student describes the piece that they have and tries to find the other parts of ‘their’ jigsaw.

Student A: ‘I have some grass and a tree at the right.’

Student B: ‘I have a car on the street. It is raining.’

Student C: ‘It is raining in my picture, too. I have a dark house.’




What about scones? Firstly, write out the whole recipe. Then delete every second sentence and make a copy. Go back to the original and delete the first and then every alternate sentence and make a copy.

Give student A the first version of the recipe and Student B the second version of the recipe. Together they have to complete the recipe. 

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