Video tip: Noughts and crosses

Video tip: Noughts and crosses

Teaching tip

Watch Dagmar revising vocabulary and bringing some fun and competition into the classroom with Noughts and crosses.


Tip: Adding a touch of competition can really spice up a lesson. What about playing House in teams?

  • Divide the class into two teams. Explain that you are going to play a game and the first team to build a house wins.
  • In turn ask each team a vocabulary (or grammar!) question.
  • If they get the question correct you draw the floor of the house on the board. Then ask the other team a question. If they get that question correct, draw a floor for their house.
  • When the first team answers another question correctly, add the first wall; then the second wall; then a ceiling; a roof; an upstairs window; a downstairs window; a chimney, and finally a door. (In fact you can make the house as complicated as you like – but always complete the house with a door.)
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